Monday, July 21, 2014

Scrum Master vs Process Master

Scrum Master vs Process Master. Sounds like something from Mortal Kombat or some cheesy movie. Today a friend of mine asked me why I have put 'Process Master' in my bio here at blogger. It should be Scrum Master right?  Tell that to the 'process' guys who came up with this. Truthfully , i didn't like it either. The official explanation is that the process we follow is 95% Scrum and 5% Kanban. 

What is Kanban anyway? Kanban simply means 'sign' in Japanese. Henrik Kniberg has a very simple and visual example. He tells a story of a Japanese garden where a guard hands you a ticket when you enter. Entrance is free and there is no info on the card. When you go out guard as you to return the card. And this is not a fancy hi-tec card with. Just a number printed on it. So what is the use of it. Answer is to keep track of how many people are in the garden. Maybe there is only hundred cards. Once the guard run out of them he will not let anyone enter until someone leaves and returns the card. And that how we run the support process Kanban style. We only have limited number of slots for bugs. When they fill up we don't take in any more. When one gets patched we take the next one on the list. Sounds simple right? and it is. And for that I am called a Process Master.  If this was Mk I think the Scrum Master would win. Flawless Victory!

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