Sunday, February 8, 2015

2 years of CSM, time to Celebrate! ..but wait! What, I have to pay 100$ ?

It has been two years since I became a certified scrum master.  From humble white boards to fully online jira; Iteration plannings to Retrospectives; It has been a wild ride. Something that I can truly say was enjoyable as it was challenging.  Time to Celebrate! Then I see a letter from Scrum Alliance saying i need to pay 100$ to keep my certified status. That sure put a dampener on the celebrations.

So I log on to my account expecting that I might have to do some tests or at least submit some documents to prove that I have followed the scrum way. Seem there is no requirements for that! They just need the money. Its not like I would loose my skills of being a scrum master if i don't pay , right!

Time to get some advice. And the advice got was mixed.Guess the main thing to consider is "what do I want it for?" For me the answer was that CSM would be a help in aching higher levels of PSM. So with some reservations I gave 100$ to ScrumAlliance. Just hope it would be with it!

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